A Brief History

CUBB has been around since 1987, giving us a history that, although it cannot match that of our university, nevertheless is longer than most university brass bands. Originally formed by a collection of passionate brass players who knew each other from playing in other ensembles, the first rehearsals began in 1987 in Churchill College, under the direction of John Bailey.

After a number of years, our rehearsals moved to Wolfson college, of which both our Senior Treasurer and honorary President are senior members, and we enjoy a healthy relationship with the college bar!

Notable events in our thirty year plus history include the very first of our now-annual tours, to Ratby in Lincolnshire in 1993, our (very occasional) attempts to compete in the Whit Friday marches, the series of annual varsity concerts with Oxford University Brass Band which took place between 2007 and 2010, and restarted in 2017, and participation in the Unibrass contests founded at Lancaster University.

As we look to the future, we are optimistic that we can carry on the spirit of musicianship and camaraderie bequeathed us by our brassy forbears - if you are a brass player in Cambridge, why not join us and help us make the next thirty years of CUBB history?

A fuller history may be found at the Friends of Cambridge University Brass Band website